About Us Sccop-da-Poop Pet Waste Removal

Scoop-da-Poop Pet Waste Removal is an Independently Owned and Operated Pet Waste Removal Service in the Las Vegas Valley

Our Promise to you is Prompt, Professional, and Courteous Scoopers.

We are more than just another Pooper Scooper, We are You & Your Pet’s Friends.
We are a Waste Removal Service. 

Here’s What We Do.

We come to your yard and Scoop-da-Poop Pet Waste Removal, we bag it, and take it away. We do NOT leave the bagged Poop in your trash cans. This attracts unwanted insects and SMELLS terrible!


Not only do we rid your yard of dog waste, we keep an eye out for small objects that could harm your furry friends, We pick up and remove those items.

We look for signs along any gates or fencing that may indicate your dog may be digging a way out. If we see this, we will alert you right away.

As we go to your back yard, we will scan the front yard for “stray poopings’ and we do not charge extra. (if your front yard is quite large, and you require us to do a full search an extra charge may apply)

We will notify you if we see anything unusual around your home such as open windows in the summer, garage doors left open, gates left open, and such other things. We care for our customers and want to make sure your property is secure while we are there and you’re away or at work. We will alert you right away if we think there is something that doesn’t look right.

We watch for any abnormalities in your dog’s waste that could indicate a problem, and alert you if we notice something.  We’re not claiming to be veterinarians, however, we are dog owners too and we see enough waste to know abnormal poop.
These are optional services, as not all of our customers want these. We are able to phone ahead and let you know we are on our way to your house. There is no extra charge for this service.

If you would prefer to know that we have arrived, we can knock on the door, no problem… no charge… we’re happy to do it!